My friend lives in a world by himself.
Sometimes, he lets me join him.
Sometimes, he doesn’t.

My friend is like the sun.
Sometimes, he shines.
Sometimes, he disappears to a place I can’t see.

My friend is like a puppy dog.
Sometimes, he listens to what I say.
Sometimes, he just doesn’t understand.

My friend is like Abraham Lincoln.
Sometimes, people are amazed by his honesty.
Sometimes, they are angered by it.

My friend is like an Encyclopedia.
Sometimes, all his knowledge is very impressive.
Sometimes, I get bored and want to put him aside.

My friend lives in a world by himself.
Sometimes, I invite him to join my world.
Sometimes, he joins for awhile.

Public Presentations:

Joan has presented at many places and in many venues. There have been a few higher profile places, but mostly she speaks to teachers, parents, and local communities. By her own choice, her presentations tend to be either practical or positive and encouraging. She is currently available for presentations. She can either do what she’s done, but tends to tailor her talks to what the people want to hear. In other word….she will individualize for you and your needs/wants!

Prepared presentations: