My friend lives in a world by himself.
Sometimes, he lets me join him.
Sometimes, he doesn’t.

My friend is like the sun.
Sometimes, he shines.
Sometimes, he disappears to a place I can’t see.

My friend is like a puppy dog.
Sometimes, he listens to what I say.
Sometimes, he just doesn’t understand.

My friend is like Abraham Lincoln.
Sometimes, people are amazed by his honesty.
Sometimes, they are angered by it.

My friend is like an Encyclopedia.
Sometimes, all his knowledge is very impressive.
Sometimes, I get bored and want to put him aside.

My friend lives in a world by himself.
Sometimes, I invite him to join my world.
Sometimes, he joins for awhile.

My Favorite Books

Peer Training
Voices of People with Asperger Syndrome and their Parents
Social Skill Programs and Strategies
Social Thinking
Sensory Issues

There are a lot of books out there. The ones below fall into two categories:

  1. Books I have used and continue to use because of the value they bring to what I do.
  2. Books parents or fellow professionals have identified as wonderful. In many cases, they have borrowed them from me, and sometimes they kept the book and bought me a new one.