My friend lives in a world by himself.
Sometimes, he lets me join him.
Sometimes, he doesn’t.

My friend is like the sun.
Sometimes, he shines.
Sometimes, he disappears to a place I can’t see.

My friend is like a puppy dog.
Sometimes, he listens to what I say.
Sometimes, he just doesn’t understand.

My friend is like Abraham Lincoln.
Sometimes, people are amazed by his honesty.
Sometimes, they are angered by it.

My friend is like an Encyclopedia.
Sometimes, all his knowledge is very impressive.
Sometimes, I get bored and want to put him aside.

My friend lives in a world by himself.
Sometimes, I invite him to join my world.
Sometimes, he joins for awhile.

Learning to be Social is committed to the education of young people struggling with the knowledge of how to be social, including those with Asperger Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, other types of diagnoses, and those with no label at all. Its goal is to provide much wanted and needed information to children/teens with social interaction difficulties, as well as to their teachers, parents, families, friends, and professionals who are working with them. Positive social interaction in school, home and social settings provides a sturdy foundation for friendships and learning. By providing information on current theory, therapies, books, resources, organizations, and problems associated with social interaction, parents will be able to find appropriate help for their children. A website that complements this goal in a thorough and complete way is Be sure to check it out!